Here are the measurements you will need when ordering gambeson, doublet, hoses, trousers or any type of garment.

For every order we require your height and weight.

First of all
, when taking the measurements you will need a family member or a friend to assist you. Measurements taken by yourself might at times be too inaccurate.

Use the correct type of tape measure. When taking body measurements, you will want to use a soft cloth or flexible plastic/rubber tape measure, such as is used in sewing. Do not use a metal measuring tape.

Stand correctly. Stand straight, tall, and breathe normally when taking measurements. Some measurements may be taken better when exhaling, some when inhaling.

Tighten your muscle. When measuring arms and chest tighten each muscle’s part for proper circuits.

Measure correctly. You want to be sure that when you measure, the tape is straight and in line with the appropriate body part.

Wear appropriate clothing. You can’t get a very accurate measurement when wearing baggy or thick clothing, so try to wear clothes which fit closely or wear nothing at all.

If measuring for outer garments, measurements will need to be taken with clothing on. Same applies for tunics, tabards and robes worn onto your armour.

Know when to measure circumference vs length. Different measurements will need to be either circumference measurements (the measurement around something) or length measurements (the measurement between two straight points).


    1. Length from shoulder to knee
    2. Length of gambeson/garment
    3. Length from the shoulder to the belly button
    4. Chest width
    5. Full arm length - neck to wrist
    6. Head height
    7. Collar height
    8. Neck to Shoulder
    9. Shoulder to elbow
    10. Elbow to wrist
    11. Head circumference
    12. Neck circumference
    13. Armpit circuit
    14. Bicep circumference
    15. Elbow circumference
    16. Forearm circumference
    17. Wrist circumference
    18. Hand circumference
    19. Chest circumference
    20. Taille circumference
    21. Waist circumference
    22. Hips / seat circumference
    23. Shoulder to taille length on the back
    24. Back width
    25. Waist to ground- full leg length
    26. Inner leg length
    27. Knee to ground length
    28. Foot length / shoe size
    36. Waist to under knee
    29. Thigh circumference
    30. Above knee/ lower thigh circumference
    31. Knee circumference
    32. Calf circumference
    33. Under calf circumference
    34. Ankle cirumference
    35. Circuit over heel & instep
    To take properly hand measurements you must copy your hand onto a sheet of paper (marking joints on fingers) and measuring palm circumference around the knuckles.