The is a great life adventure with historical craft that began as early as in 1997. Since that time, we have been constantly improving our skills to be able to offer you a wide range of professional crafted products and medieval items necessary for medieval reenactment.

The offer of our medieval online shop Kokosh’s Family includes: gambesons, riveted chainmails, clothing, various elements of medieval armour, camp equipment and many other products necessary for professional historical reconstruction.
The Kokosh’s medieval online shop is a family business and our products are the expression of our common passion, a deep interest in the history and the material culture of Europe. Our high quality gambesons, chainmails and medieval coifs are the result of many years of work and in-depth study of historical sources, research papers, drawings, paintings, tombs and museum objects.

We guarantee solid performance, faithfulness to the original, professional service and advice. High quality products and your satisfaction are the foundation of Kokosh’s Family!

Please, visit our medieval online shop and browse through our crafted medieval items.

Marcin „Kokosh” Rogowski
& Agnieszka Rogowska